Timber Maintenance Programs

The timber maintenance program includes a number of things like; boundary line upkeep, road construction, fire break construction, and yearly inspections.

During our annual inspection process, we will review your property lines and roads and identify any forestry issues you may be facing, (i.e. bug damage, road erosion, trespassing, illegal dumping) and recommend ways to mitigate any risks identified. A well-marked boundary line is your first line of defense in preventing trespass and property line issues. A well-maintained road provides access to all of your property so you can enjoy your landscape.

Forestry Management Activities

Forestry management activities include a number of things like; management plans, timber sales, reforestation, mapping services, and hunting leases.

A forestry management plan will provide you with a plan of action for your property with goals for the land incorporated into the plan. Do you want to have a timber harvest in 18 years to assist your grandson’s entrance into college? Do you like to hunt turkeys? Do you want to have ATV trails throughout your property? Great! Any goal you may have as a landowner can be incorporated into a forestry management plan by Dendro Resource Management. After all, a healthy and well-managed property can provide you and your heirs with many years of enjoyment.

Timber Maintenance Programs


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