Timber Security

Timber theft is a big concern for the forestry industry with millions of dollars of timber being stolen every year across the United States. It is a lucrative market for the perpetrators since some species of trees are worth in excess of $1000 for a single tree. Not only this, timber theft can occur in any part of the timber supply chain and cause massive forest management issues and destroy years of planning. It is, therefore, essential to have a solid theft deterrent plan in operation.

Preventing Timber Theft

Prevention is always better than detecting and investigating when it comes to protecting your timber. The monetary loss prevented by implementing strict theft prevention policies is absolutely worth the cost. Among many other steps that can be taken to ensure timber security, having a timber security hotline in place is one of the best things a company can invest in.

A robust timber security hotline enables the contractors and their employees harvesting your property to easily communicate suggestions and tips regarding timber theft and fraud. Contractors working on a site, when trained properly, are the best source of theft and fraud prevention. They are the ones interacting with the inventory and equipment on a day to day basis so they have the best chance of spotting any illegal activity.

With a timber security hotline in place, whenever a contractor comes across suspicious activity, they can instantly communicate to a neutral third party who will evaluate the call details and assist the company in quickly taking the appropriate action. This enables the concerned authorities to take immediate action and increase the chances of the perpetrators being caught, thereby,reducing the risk of financial loss for the company.

Preventing Timber Theft

Timber Security Services

Dendro Resource Management Inc. offers timber security services by operating a security hotline and web reporting form that is anonymous for the tipster. Using the latest technology, our Timber Security Hotline service can help your company by minimizing the risk of timber theft or fraud, allowing you to focus solely on your business process and maximizing your revenue. Having a Timber Security Hotline is like having a neighborhood watch program working 24/7 to protect your assets.

Reduce Timber Theft

Reduce your timber theft and get started with securing your organization against fraud and theft. Looking for a robust, reliable and an easy-to-use solution for setting up a timber security hotline for your company? Get in touch with Dendro Resource Management Inc. today and one of our experts will be there to assist you!

Timber Security Services


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