Theft Prevention

Our theft deterrent service is designed to provide your company with an independent and experienced third party to aid in the prevention of theft and fraud within your organization. This timber theft prevention service provides an organized, systematic approach to theft deterrence. Each element of the package works in conjunction with the other elements to raise the theft deterrent level. Consistently applied over time, this service will communicate your zero-tolerance policy for theft and fraud throughout your organization.

Theft Deterrent Review

To mitigate theft and fraud in the forestry industry, our timber audit services will examine and conduct a theft deterrent review to ensure your organization has the safety measures in place against theft and fraud.

Fraud Risk Assessments

A fraud risk assessment is a process aimed at proactively identifying and addressing organizational vulnerabilities to internal and external fraud. DRM will work with your company’s personnel to identify and bolster any internal control weakness with the goal of strengthening internal controls and minimizing potential fraud.

Theft Deterrent Review

Contractor Risk Assessments

Conducted in the field during harvesting operations, interviews are designed to assess the business risks each contractor poses to your company. Each contractor’s risk is rated using our patented contractor risk assessment tool and the results utilized to guide the camera surveillance programs.

Contractor Camera Surveillance

These surveillances provide an independent review of the contractor’s production over a specific time period. The frequency of camera reviews can be tailored to the conditions of the sale or the risk factors identified during the validation contractor risk assessment interviews.

Reconciliation of Records

All data gathered during camera surveillance operations is reviewed and compared to the corresponding settlements, load sheets or security tags to ensure all loads leaving the tract were properly accounted for. If your company is already doing this, we simply utilize sampling methodology to review your data and ensure this vital function is being performed correctly.


If data discrepancies are found, they are immediately investigated by an experienced forest industry investigator. Any discrepancies found are resolved in a discrete and timely manor.

Fraud Risk Assessment

Timber Security Hotline

A recent report published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (2016 Report to the Nation) found that companies with fraud hotlines cut their losses by about 51% per scheme. The report cited that this decrease in losses occurred because theft and fraud was detected earlier by using an anonymous hotline. Our recently improved Timber Security Hotline is designed to provide an anonymous avenue to your company’s employees, contractors and vendors to report possible theft and fraud. The improved Timber Security Hotline is monitored by a live operator 24/7 and tips can also be provided by a web portal, both of which provide English and Spanish options.

Educational Services for Theft and Fraud

Workshops designed to raise the level of awareness of your employees to theft and fraud. This workshop will help them recognize red flags within their operations that may lead to theft and fraud.

Timber Security Hotline

Theft Deterrent Services

How Can We Help?

Dendro Resource Management, Inc. (DRM) takes theft deterrence, detection and prevention very seriously and offers a comprehensive theft deterrent review service. Our forestry audit experts can test your supply chain and evaluate the existing security measures utilized. After our in-depth security review, we offer a detailed report containing recommendations to strengthen and improve the theft deterrent system. We understand that every supply chain has subtle differences with its own unique challenges and security requirements. Therefore, we offer a tailor made solution to each of our clients.

Getting Started

Looking for an effective theft deterrent system that protects your business from unnecessary monetary loss and provides your staff peace of mind? Dendro Resource Management Inc.’s theft deterrent review is your answer.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and one of our industry experts will assist you!

Theft Deterrent Services


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